Sunday, December 5, 2010

successful medical students

"Learn from people,Find a good role model. Ask questions . Get inside their heads. Learn to think how they think. In time you will develop your style but a role model can get you rolling =)" -Andrew Matthews-

Time passes quickly without us realizing that it has already been 2 months we stated our 4th year. believe it or not,we have finished our ENT round and started our 2nd week in ophthalmology round.

here i want to share some tips that i get from Dr.MUHAYA in her book,"How to become a good and successful medical student.Hopefully it can help use a lots during the clinical session in the hospital.

1.Be punctual 
-5 minute delay to the clinic or OT may mean that we may have missed an interesting cases.

2.take important point
-jot down all the cases that we see in the clinic.try to ask doctors or lecturer about the case.if they are too busy to attend you, note down the case and write down your doubt about the case.

3.clinical notebook
A clinical notebook is very useful and help us to revise again every cases that we have been seen.there are some important point that we can include inside the book:

important:history,physical sign,investigations,treatments
learning points/doubts:
things to revise about this disease:-basic science -clinical subject

after the clinic, check up on the cases and read around the topic. if there any basic knowledge that

prevent us from fully understand the case, ensure that we read about it.most students find it a big chore having to revise the basic pre-clinical subjects.They do not realise that studying the subjects in order to understand the clinical features will have a tremendous impact on understanding of the clinical subjects and remembering the pre-clinical subjects.

discuss the cases with your colleagues. try to apply knowledge acquired to the clinical
proactive and ask questions. by doing discussion it will really help us to train our brain to be high
thinking and help lots in increasing our memory.the more you give your knowledge,the more your get!insyaAllah..=)

6.try to develop and brush up our communications skill.
a good doctor is not only excellent in study but also having a good relationship with other
people.communication skill is important to built patient's confident so that help us in taking history and makes a correct diagnosis..

btw,selamat mencuba! ^_^
- Dr Anis Ezzah -

-ilmu didahulukan,pencapaian diutamakan-

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