Monday, December 19, 2011

Housemen need the hours

I AM a house officer in my first posting in the Orthopaedics Department of Hospital Sg Buloh. I strongly disagree with the ruling to cut down on the working hours of house officers to 60 a week and to be given two days off a week.

The housemanship programme is a training programme. Freshly recruited house officers are mostly, let’s face it, incompetent.

Two months into the programme and I still find there are a lot of things I need to learn, including even the basics.

How can we benefit from reduced working hours? It is laughable to think that with less training, one can be a better doctor.

Let’s not forget that doctors of the previous generations all survived a much more intense training programme. If they could do it, why can’t we?

And to have our parents fight for us? We, who are in our 20s? A shameful act, indeed.

We need the training. We need the scoldings and the discipline. We need to become doctors, not killers. We need much more than 60 hours a week, believe me.

Let me postulate this situation for you, the public: You have heard stories of incompetent doctors making horrible mistakes.

Imagine doctors of the future who would have had even lesser training than these incompetent doctors.

Imagine yourself needing a medical procedure and you can only turn to glorified butchers and shamans, instead of surgeons and doctors.

Just imagine.


Sg Buloh.

Mentaqarrub diri kepada Allah,profesional doktor dalam genggaman