Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"teaching is an art,u must know how to collect n express the knowledges"- PROF.MAGDY ZIDAN-

Prof.MAGDY ZIDAN( who is responsible for making the questions for previous round)

By his own approach:

Clinical round= 100marks.devided into 2:

Clinical cases=50m

Diagnostic=50m( CBC,ABG,Xray)

Clinical cases ( into 4 main questions)

1.auscultation ( dse that can be directly diagnose by auscultation)

· Heart (rheumatic heart= MR,AR), congenital( VSD,TOF)

· Chest. Just I dse ; pneumonia( u will be searching for bronchial breathing)

2.present history( dse that can directly diagnose by the present history of the patient)

· AGN ( by red urine)

· Nephritic syndrome( gen edema; anasarca)

· B.A ( wheezes)

· Acute broncholitis

· Whooping cough( characteristic cough)

3.gen.examination ( cases diagnosed directly from special features)

· Specific features: cerebral palsy,down syndrome,protein calori malnutrition(PCM),cretinism.

· Face: thalesmia,down syndrome.hydrocephalus,PCM,cretinism

· Pallor+ecchymosis+purpura: acute leukemia,aplastic anemia,idiopathic thrombolytic purpura( ITP)

4.palpation for enlarged organ n abd. Mass

· Abdominal ex: hepatomegaly,splenomegaly,abd mass

· Precordial ex: cardiomegaly

Tips from professor: each case in specific files as to organized our knowledges.

2.know the key to diagnose certain dse. (dse diagnose by specific technique which is auscultate,history,gen.examination or palpation)

3.add some specific features to confirm the diagnosis.

Mentaqarrub diri kepada Allah,profesional doktor dalam genggaman