Thursday, April 21, 2011

SC datang lagi 2

tarikh : 23/4/11 ( sabtu)
masa : pukul 6.45 ptg
tempat : vistana elfateh ( umah zul, saiful aqmal, wan amiruddin serta faris sepupu
mektah a.k.a fattah).. jgn marah ar fattah,,, >-<

sila bawa bersama quran terjemahan masing2...

p/s : saje letak gambar futsal sc ari tu... nampak smart :-)

-dahsyatkan potensi dirimu, raih prestasi luar biasa-


Egypt's interim cabinet decided on Wednesday to cancel daylight saving time after a poll posted on its website showed the majority of Egyptians would approve the cancellation.
The decision came during a cabinet meeting, government sources told Al-Masry Al-Youm. Egypt was scheduled to change its clocks on the last Friday of April.
A poll created by the government on its website showed that 80 percent of participants preferred to cancel daylight saving time, which has been in effect since 1988. It usually lasts from the end of April to the end of September.
Prime Minister Essam Sharaf’s media adviser, Ahmed al-Semman, said on Sunday that daylight saving time brought no economic benefit. It also disturbs schedules of arrivals and departures at the airport, he said.

-dahsyatkan potensi dirimu, raih prestasi luar biasa-