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Assalamualaikum wbt.. 
fuhh..election time has come again. do vote for your favorite leaders and keep in mind that every vote should be kept secret.

"You who believe, be steadfast in your devotion to God and bear witness impartially: do not let hatred of others lead you away from justice, but adhere to justice, for that is closer to awareness of God. Be mindful of God. God is well aware of all that you do." (The Qur'an, Al-Maida, 5:8)

-ilmu didahulukan,pencapaian diutamakan-

interesting facts about wax or cerumen

Salam kawan2 sume ..just nak share balik ape yg kite dpt tadi kat kuliah..WAX..i think this is one of the most interesting knowledges I gain today..actually I heard this b4 from my father..he told me that..” mi,xyah korek telinga..telinga tue ade cleaning system die sendiri..” I just neglect what my father had told me and insist continued doing what everyone loves to do ..korek telinga! Haha.. (sambil bermonolog sendiri..”bapak aku mmg slalu gosip ngan kengkawan die kat kedai kopi”) TAK PERCAYA!
BUT TODAY EVERYTHING WAS REVEALED.n my father was right..salute to him! we go..

This is the FACTS;
1.One should not clean his/her ears in the ext auditory canal by himself. sterile cleaner present in the market.n for your information..the medial third of the external ear is sterile.if u want to clean it ..just clean the external ear or seems like..u wanna cleans n protect your ear but the fact is u make it worse..paradoxical ..simple!

3.wax is not a dirt.instead,this is the mechanism to defense our middle ear from infection.if u taste the wax..( I wish I can..but can’ can someone could??) the taste is a little bit bitter n sticky..this is how u rarely found alient/insect inside your ear..the wax will entrape the insect b4 its finally reach your middle ear which will predispose to infection..otitis externa

4.lastly.never remove hairs lining the external auditory canal on beauty purpose.its unlogic.AGREE!!

Okay..finish about wax..continue with some important collection I think..this is important for diagnose for certain dse as tumor..we should know it n remember it as u remember your names....sounds like familiar? :p

Lining of the ent lumens:

All epith lining the ENT cavity is ps.str.col.ciliated epith. EXCEPT;
a.area lined by neuroepithileum eg:cochlear,vestibular,tongue
b. area lined by st.sq.keratinized epith, which is area exposed to friction n solar rays(protection againts uv rays)..SUBHANALLAH..Allah is The Allmighty..this area includes 2:
-vestibule of the nose
-ext.auditory canal
c.area lined str.sq.non keratinized which is area expose to friction without sun exposure..consist of 3 areas;
-aerodigestive ( contact with food)
 --@ inlet of the larynx n vestibule(for deglutation)
- All lining of the stomach.

Credit to dr mahmud atiyya for his wonderful lecture..may Allah bless u..


Other collections include;
1.watery discharge tru ear n nose= CSF result from post traumatic or post surgery
2.mucoid ear discharge= drum perforation. bec the lining of the midd ear is goblet cell
3.virulent(100% pus,no mucous) ear discharge=EAC(furunculosis).ME( Aattic/antrum)
4.which is more profuse? Mucopurulent or purulent?= of course mucopurulent bec it's rapidly discharge,purulent usually scanty.
5.cholesteatoma(lined by flat/cubical)=scanty n purulent
6.lining of the hypo n meso tympani is ps.str.epith. with goblet cell= so discharge is mucoid,profuse n odourless
7.cause of offensive,profuse,mucopurulent ear discharge:
-myasis(dead fly or larvae)
-acute necrotizing otitis media
8.offensive ear discharge=cholesteatoma,myasis,acute necrotizing OM, mg tumor in EAC or ME,3rd stage of syphillis

p/s;timing untuk round ent
9am till 1 pm.if there is many patient maybe extend to 2.30pm.but after zuhr dr usually will just fulfill the report.checking the patient usually held on the morning.
u can see the patient n talk to them..but it is advise to u .ask the dr 1st which patient u should going trough.
EVERYDAY EXCEPT THURSDAY.from 9am till 2pm.but most of the surgery will be held in the morning.the schedule given just to give the chance to every student to attend the OT/OR.feel free to go gain more experience n to be good observer..

This is reminder from the vice precident of the class,kak amani.dont forget to introduce yourself,what year u are in , and what program u take..manchester or conventional...`BUDI BAHASA BUDAYA KITA :-)
Any info about round exam will be inform as soon as possible.
p/s..nama ”mi” diatas hanye nama samaran. :P