Monday, April 19, 2010

Hidayah Ahmad April 19 at 5:14am
is it true my friend said that the quest will be only in the book?
20quest, 10 for mcq and 10 fill in the blanks?

Abdel-motaal Fouda April 19 at 2:24pm
:D :D
Dr Abdel-Rahman changed his plan !!.. he will ask the same questions in the practical book in another format e.g. mention why?.. mention two drugs causing myocardial depression......etc
Not True MCQs.....
Good luck..

هو لما يبقى اسئلة تجيلنا زى دى يبقى ده امتحان نظرى ومن برة العملى برضه؟!!

2 drugs causing direct myocardial depression: quinidine (direct mech) – emetine (direct mech) – verapamil (blocks Ca entry inside ms cells)

2 drugs causing direct myocardial stimulation: digitalis (inhibit Na/K ATPase enz > inc intracellular Ca) – xanthines (inhibit PDE enz > inc cAMP > inc intracellular Ca)

2 drugs causing direct sm ms (intestinal) relaxation: papaverine (inhibit PDE enz > inc cAMP > dec intracellular Ca) – nitrates (librate NO > inc cGMP > dec intracellular Ca) – verapamil (blocks Ca entry inside ms cells)

2 drugs causing direct sm ms (intestinal) contraction: morphine (act on opioid rec) – histamine (act on H1 rec) – serotonine (act on 5HT rec)

2 drugs causing sk ms relaxation: curare (competitive NMB) – succinylcholine (depolarizing NMB)

2 drugs causing sk ms contraction: Ach – neostigmine

2 enzymes that destroy Ach: pseudo – true ChE

2 enzymes that destroy adrenaline: MAO – COMT

2 drugs causing miosis with eye lid twitches: crabachol – physostigmine

2 drugs causing increase IOP: atropine (cause mydriasis and dec aq hum drainage) – corticosteroids (dec aq hum drainage) – succinylcholine (cause contraction of extraocular ms)

2 drugs causing decrease IOP: timolol (block B2 rec > dec aq hum secr) – CA inhibitors (inhibit aq hum formation) – physostigmine (inc aq hum drainage) ..

p/s: esok pukul 8pg di department pharma dan sila bawa labcoat. - pesanan oleh dr Nesren Omar.

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