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ophthal notes by Dr Tharwat

this translated form for all about ophthalmology for Malaysian students
this all about ophthalmology
this is the final note from comunication group




this is from dr tharwat at



first test system and method of answer

duration of the written test is 2 and half hours
10 questions each for 12.5 marks and usually one question for each chapter
but may come 2 question in one chapter if it is large chapter

Ocular Examination & DD
not included in written exam but cam be included in clinical or oral

anotomy and histology are included in written exam and doctor said that he may but a question about them


may collecting question can come in the test examples: Miotics ,Mydriatics

NEW : if there is any drawing come in the test there is only one

Longitudinal section of eyelid

NEW :ا

details of surgery are not included with us and if question about ptosis
we should write names of surgery and in which condition we can use it
in mild or moderate or sever only

questions will be clear head lins  from the book

how to answer


answer will be acording to the requested in the questions only

you should write onle the 5 points

as for atropine and steroids in any subject you should write the whole answer from uveal chapter ( as they include the contraindication and complication  )
NEW : Diagnos = C/P + investigation + DD

NEW : Managment = treatment + Diagnosis

if you want to know mor example for questions and how to answer them and multistation test and important picture in retina and neuro and mor about oral and clinical test and system of oral , clinical , written and question for dr\ tharwet and dr\ hany all this in the following link 

2. clinical test ( multistation )

comment on the picture may be diagnosis only or treatment
 NEW :
 all retina pictures are included with us and if want to see revision lecture for clinical test download the file through one of the following links


this dr \ ahmed lecture and include 22 pic of retina but dr \ tharwet said that all are included


and this dr \taher lectures for clinical tests


3.written test questions

if you get boring form book and want to study form note here you mass notes about 150 pages ( i recommend you the book )

if you want previous years questions

and collected in two papers in this

ophthalmology test for  8/2010

these are new questions for dr /El shekh

these are new questions for dr /Afifi

and finally great thanks for all who participate in uploading ,recording and arrangement of all this
which you all luck in the test ^_^there are also some other things i will translate them for you later on

credit to kak nad and her arab friend~

-dahsyatkan potensi dirimu, raih prestasi luar biasa-