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Forensic Questions

forensic questions for malaysian students
by dr \ fatma
Important (definitions) or (scientific names) :

1- Concussion
2- Compression
3- Rape
4- Medical secrecy
5- Negligence
6- Smothering
7- Cadaveric spasm
8- Fissure fracture
9- apparent death
10- hanging
11- rigor mortis
12- ring fracture


1- MLI of 18 age
2- Mechanism of death in Hanging
3- MLI of Rigor mortis
4- Condition necessary for cadaveric spasm
5- Factors affecting putrefaction
6- Causes of death from wounds
7- Causative instruments of skull fracture
8- Common sites of fracture base skull
9- Complication or sequelae of head injury
10- Causes of hyoid fracture
11- Characters of firearm injury
12- Conditions consent of rape legal

Short notes:

1- MLI of teeth
2- MLI of DNA
3- MLI of 16,18 ages
4- Abrasion types
5- Symptoms of brain concussion
6- Lucid interval
7- Clinical picture of brain compression
8- Contact firearm injury
9- External signs of asphyxia
10- Causes of death in drowning other than asphyxia
11- MLA of diagnosis pregnancy
12- complication of criminal abortion
13- Conditions consent is invalid
14- conditons of permissible secrecy (privileged communications)

Compare :

1- Strangulation & hanging
2- Inlet & exit in firearm
3- Suicide & homicide cut throat
4- Postmortem & antemortem burns
5- Fimbriated & ruptured hymen
6- All comparisons in the book
************************************************************new forensic cases cases\ ahmed refaat questions thanks for our college Amira Hamed
Thermal injury
difference ( ) burn & scald Q Q Q Q Q
factors affecting gravity of burns Q Q Q Q Q
degree of burn Q Q Q Q Q
causes of death from burns ( * immediate causes Q Q Q Q Q * within 48 hours Q Q Q Q Q Q * within 2_7 days Q Q Q Q )
difference ( ) ante-mortem & post- mortem burns Q Q Q Q Q
causes of death from electrocution * PMP * Q Q Q Q Q
traumatic & thermal skull fructure
example of full case >>> 16 y old girl e' a Hx of depression was admitted to hospital suffering from sever extensive burn in most of her body :- _ identify : age of the girl _ mention : factors affecting the gravity of burns _ mention the immediate cause of death from burn
post-partem picture of burn Q / case
complication of burn Q Q
factors influencing the effect of electric injury Q Q Q
Firearm injury
rifling Q Q Q
rifling marks Q Q Q
firearm cartilage Q / oral / case
bullet case / Q
type of bullet oral
shots / wad Q / oral
gun powder >> _ MLI Q Q Q Q Q _ type of gun powder Q Q Q Q Q ( table )
sequence of events on firing a cartilage Q Q
ch' of firearm wound Q Q Q Q Q
ch ' of firearm typical inlet Q Q Q
factors affecting the feature of inlet Q Q Q
diff ( ) inlet & exit wound Q Q Q Q Q
diff ( ) suicidal & homicidal firearm injury Q
examination of wound Q Q Q Q Q
examination of bullet extracted from the body ( * preliminary marks Q Q Q __ * confirmatory marks )
fabricated firearm wound Q Q Q Q Q
Violent asphyxia
signs & symptoms of asphyxia Q
post-mortam signs of asphyxia Q Q Q Q Q
*def Q Q Q Q Q
*diagnosis of drawning Q Q Q Q Q
*diff ( ) suicidal & homicidal /OR/ accidental drowning Q
* post- mortum changes in drowning Q
4. hanging
* def Q Q Q Q Q
* mechanism of death Q Q Q Q Q
* P.M picture of death from hanging Q Q Q Q Q
5. strangulation _____ case
6. throttling_________case
7. smothering _______case
8. choking _____ ORAL
9. traumatic asphyxia ____ ORAL

Pregnancy & abortion
MLI of diagnosis of pregnancy Q Q Q
types of abortion Q
therapeutic abortion Q Q
local violence as a method of induction of abortion Q Q Q Q Q
complication of criminal abortion
Child abuse
def Q
types of child abuse ( enumerate ) Q
predisposing factors Q
role of physician in child abuse Q Q Q Q Q
soft tissues injuries in child abuse Q Q Q
munchausen syndrome by proxy ( MSBP ) Q
complication of child abuse Q Q
Sexual offences
rape * def Q Q Q Q Q * concent Q Q Q Q Q
hymen * type of hymen Q Q Q Q Q * type of hymen of MLI Q Q Q Q Q
Medical ethics
responsibility of medical men towards their patients Q Q Q Q Q
responsibility of medical men toward other practitioner Q Q Q Q Q
concent of treatment or operation Q Q Q Q Q
professional secrecy Q Q Q Q Q
prvileged communications ( the condition of permissible disclosure of professional secrets ) Q Q Q Q Q
Medical malpractice
causes of medical malpractice Q Q Q
responsibility in anasthesia Q Q Q Q Q
def of somatic death
MLI of distinction ( ) somatic & molecular death
signs of death
def of 1ry flacidity
occular sign
apparent death ( short note )
factors modifying rate of cooling
post mortam hypostasis ( Def , mech. MLI )
diff ( ) postmortam lividity & ante mortam prasis
postmortam rigidity ( def , Mech, MLI )
condition simulating rigor mortis ( enumerate )
cadaveric spasm ( def , MLI )
diff ( ) rigor mortis & cadaveric spasm ** condition necessary for development of cadaveric spasm
putrifaction ( def ) , MLI ( once ) , factors affecting
adipocere ( def , mech , MLI )
mumification , maceration , exumation
muscular state following death
some advices from our college Ahmed Ȝbdou
we need serious study and try to finish the book in two days coz revision is more important we should strat with the new parts that we didn't study them in practical and they are about 60 pages we should take 30 today and 30 tomorrow and with them we should take parts from the rest of the book Friday :Death and P.M changes
Thermal injuries
Head injuriesSaturday :
violent asphyxia
Child abuse
sexual offensives
Medical ethics and malpractices
Firearm injuries
pregnancy - delivery - abortion
you should divide you time according to your previous study and difficult parts and the suitable time

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