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Lina Emelia Ahmad Adni Andro:ttt G, what do u know about LGV,pre testicular infertility,early prenatal S, class. Of STD, inv of impotence

Derma: tye sume.doc stop ble dia rase nk stop.

Nurul Ihsan Nasiruddin Andro : antidote prolactin, what produce testosterone, length female n male urethra, azoospermia,aspermia, teratozoospermia, clinical features 2ry syphilis, what organism cause lymphogranuloma venereum,stegmata,

Nurul Ihsan Nasiruddin Oligozoospermia, center of ejaculation ke erection ntah, structure of male reproduction syst., drugs treat erectile dysfunction.

Nurul Ihsan Nasiruddin Derma : 1ry lesion of scabies, vitiligo, acne vulgaris, ttt scabies, clinical types psoariasis and ttt. Ttt vitiligo, ttt tinea capitis, def urticaria n ttt, auspitz sign

Nabila Ammar andro-gonorrhea in males,inv gonorrhea, chancre vs chancroid, azospermia, oligozoospermia,polyzoospermia, normal sperm count, causes infertility... derma-p. rosea-type; tinea capitis-kerion,dd scaly type,ttt; vitiligo- def ;wart,diff macule papule, example of papule, condyloma accuminata-ttt

Fazlini Mohamad Fauzi andro : posttesticular causes of infertility,physiology of sexual act,classification of std,local comp of gonorrhea in women,gumma of syphilis,genital herpes

derma : definition utk sume macule, papule, nodule, vesicle, bullae, comedone n lain2 byk sgt sume yg ade clinical types pastu ttt.

Abdul Rahman Mohamad Shukor andro- what is thank you in malaysia, dx and ttt of infertility, class std, lab dx gonnorrhea, chancre character,what is granuloma inguinale,
derma- def macule patch papule nodule vesicle bullae pustule comedo, t.capitis type, favus character, what is t,circinata, character p.rosea, ttt scabies, type ttt psoriasis, what is lichen planus, koebner phenomenon occur in?, pathogenesis and ttt acne vulgaris

sape die nk salin ni......????

Atiya Azizol Andro-diff btwn chancre n chancroid,serological test chancroid n chancre,ttt impotence,indication testicular biopsy...derma-acne vulgaris:pathogenesis&ttt,atopic dermatitis children:lesion&ttt,candidiasis:site&ttt

Diyana Mohd Daud Andro: gonorrhea in man, serology test in syphilis + what is VDRL, stigmata of prenatal syphilis, causes of impotence, c/p of AIDS, ttt reactions

Derma: types pityriasis rosea, types t.capitis + diff diagnosis, def of PUVA + indication, antifungal drugs + dose griseofulvin

Ummu Habibah Muhamad Andro-type of std(classification),causes of infertility n impotence,diagnosis of syphilis

Derma- causative organism of p.versicolor(physiological n pathological)..nature of causative organism of scabies...type of pityriasis rosea

Muhammad Abu Ubaidah special andrology question : 
causes of infertility > ok give testicular causes > what about infection, give example > give 2 organism causing this infection > can it cause syphilis? > ok at what stage?

Pama Balqis andro-1)anatomy of testis,what's inside scrotum, what's behind it,pathological content of vas deferens...2) character of candidal infection 3) character of trichomonas vaginalis discharge..4) semen analysis. derm-1) acne vulgaris(ttt and pathology of comedo) 2) ptyriasis versicolor (dd,ttt) 3) Koebner's phenomenon and its example

Wani Kyoo andro-diff btween chancre n chancroid,drugs for impotence,mechanism of the drugs.
derma-describe leprosy n ttt,ptyriasis rosea,describe atopic dermatitis for children,describe erysipelas

Sophyllea Hana derma: ptyriasis rosea, inverstigation of dermatophye, lichen planus.. andro: treatment of chancroid

Nnf Fariha Andro 1/2H; 1)whats d meaning of u n ur fathers name, 2)differentiate gonococcal n NGU, Cozez of NGU (what type of protozoas do you know, most common parasites in female GUT- Trichomonas Vaginalis n its treatment) 3)All about semen analysis (Normal count+Unit of measurement of leucocytes-HPF High power Field, whats d nutrient needed for sperm motility-fructose + why male cant've polyzoospermia-increase competition to get energy supply) 

Dermato; Type n treatment of psoriasis and leprosy, skin lesion of tuberculous leprosy, ttt scabies

Nurul Nadirah Ramli andro-ttt of shypilis,ttt of granuloma inguinale,what is the center for ejaculation and erection,universal drug to treat impotence and its mechanism,site for epididymis,which gland that secrete prolactin?,what other hormane that secreted by pituitary gland?what are antidote for prolactin?teratozoospermia,azoospermia,oligozoospermia,aspermia?
derma:ttt scabies,form of scabies,ttt taenia capitis,ttt psoriasis and type of psoriasis and form of vitiligo.

Farah Liyana andro-diff btween chacre n chancroid,tt impotence,semen analysis

Farah Liyana derma-type of psoriasis,ttt of psoriasis n scabies,lesion of tb leprosy n ttt

Bintu Zaharuddin andro- 1)gonorrhea: manifest in male,different ( ) GU&NGU,amount of secretion,causes of NGU,mention cultures of gonorrhea, what's diff ( ) the culture media?2) syphilis: mention organism,morphology,is it G+ve/G-ve/ non cultivated?how to see the orgnism?classification of acquired syphilis, c/p of stigmata of prenatal syphilis. 3)AIDS: stages, manifestation of ARC. 4)impotence:def. 5)causes of male fertility. 

derma : 1)warts: how many types,enumerate,what is genital wart+ttt 2)PUVA: indications 3)wood's light used in diagnosis of?what's the color? 4)papule: def,examples 5)ptyriasis rosea: classification,c/p,ttt

Mentaqarrub diri kepada Allah, profesional doktor dalam genggaman



Mas'ain Dah Pencen how to insert catheter & how to deflate and remove catheter

Nurul 'Adilah Shuhardi Dr banyak tanya anatomy: triphasic CT of abdomen (w liver, kidney, aorta, spleen), multiple chamber enlargement (describe n diagnose)

Ikmal Hakim Xray: pneumotorax, lung collapse, carcinoma transverse colon. instrument : all about foley catheter

Sophyllea Hana ~xray: same as sotd but plus disc prolapse ~instrument:blood transfusion set, if patient alergic, how to manage?

Nnf Fariha Instrument; Indications n complications of; spinal needle, canulla, Blood Transfusion Set
Xray; Barium Swallow lower 1/3 esophageal carcinoma (differentiating point benign n malignancy-shouldering and where is the site), CT Hepatic Metastasis, Hydropneumothora

Abdul Rahman Mohamad Shukor alat: what is this, what is this, what is this (mujur dok tanye byk, Mohd Ashraf Shabadin dok kongsi nota tekpun)
xray: why PA view, malignancy sign, central trachea

Nurul Nadirah Ramli x ray-bilharzial corpulmonale and mechanism of it,cancer sigmoid,mri sagittal section of brain.instrument-choose the easies instrument.what is the difficulities to insert the spinal needle

Nur Aisyah xray - MRI disc prolapse,miliary tb,diverticular disease of colon..soaln type,lesion and describe lesion. Alat - sungestaken blackemore tube and spinal needle..complication..sungestaken msuk dari mane.

Farah Liyana xray-mri liver metatasis n dics prolapse,xray hydropneumothorax n esophages varices instrument-sungestaken blakemore tube-indication,comp,site

Wafi Abd Khalid what is the the first thing i look for to know this chest xray film had been taken correctly or not.... instruments, choose instrument yg kita kehendaki n doktor tanya mudah2 je pasal instrument tersebut,,,,,

Wani Kyoo xray-describe this film (miliary TB,MRI spine,diverticular disease of colon)
instruments-sengstaken tube(describe),blood transfusion set(indication),spinal needle(complication),nelaton catheter(what is this

Nabila Ammar (skali dgn k diyana n bobo) instruments- canula,syringe,scalp,foleys catheter,nelatons catheter,ryles tube(diff foleys with nelaton,complication during insertion,scenario if patient with painful urinary stricture came to hospital-> unable to insert catheters so resolve with??....... xray-mri of lumbosacral region of spinal cord( t1&t2, name of xray,view), pul metastasis ( name of xray,why we prefer PA view than AP view, center or not, diagnosis), cancer of stomach (name of xray,site, diagnosis n describe lesion)

Lina Emelia Ahmad Adni Skali ngan nini. Instrument:All about liver biopsy needle.kongsi alatt nie sesame jwb masing2.xray sorg satu: lesser curvature stomoch cancer+further diagnosis and bilharzial cor palmonale + further diagnosis.

Ummu Habibah Muhamad Xray-sama mcm anis ezzah..
Instrument...(skali ngn ihsan)...
sungestaken blackmore:what is the function of gastric baloon n complication..
Urine collection bag:what is the use of this bag other than collection of urine
Foley's catheter:what u should do if u can't introduce this catheter..(jwpn:direct suprapubic)
Spinal needle: what are the difficulties u found to insert this needle:(jwpn:kyphoscoliosis,x ingat)

Illani Riza x-ray= sama dgn ahli gp 1 yg lain ( kak dina, kak anis afikah, kak amani,anis ezzah, ummu, sotd, suhaimi, rashidi) instrument : sama dengan kak anis afikah- liver biopsy needle ( indications + complications and why??

Maryam Abu Bakr X-ray:lebih kurang Nnf Fariha.Dr yg sama ke ape?  ....Instrument:Sungestaken-blakemore tube-who made this?-_- which one tube for stomach&esophagus?what the use of gastric ballon,inflated by?esophageal ballon,inflated by?indication,complications why we give cold fluid(VC)

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Athirah Ghani diagnostic criteria of hypersplenism,lymphocytosis..

Muhammad Abu Ubaidah waah best. interrogated by 2 doctors at once for 10 minutes, dr reham & dr karem (don't remember)
1. how to diagnose DM
blood glucose (explain type, value and so on)
urine gluocse (explain type, value and so on)
2. hyperbilirubinemia
type (hepatocellular, haemolytic, obstructive)
how to differentiate?
bilirubin (indirect, direct, biphasic)
liver enzyme (alkalinie phosphatase, glutamyl transferase, carbamyltransferase > increase or decrease in which type)
albumin level (which type, acute or chronic)
prothrombin level (prolonged) & vit k injection (improved in which type and why?)
3. haemolytic anemia
diagnosis & marker (eg : haptoglobulin, LDH)

Lina Emelia Ahmad Adni Generally on platelet.Thrombocytosis thrombocytopenia diagnose acute leukemia  

Nur Ilahi Aie pancytopenia+ investigation of hepatitis.

Farah Liyana normocytic anemia,diff aplastic n hypersplenism,microsytic anemia,diff iron def n thalasemia,bleeding time value n prolonged,pt value n perlonged,dic

Hidayah Ahmad what is type of jaundice, how to diff. what is microcytic hypochromic, how to confirm d of thalassemia.normal bilirubin

Ummu Habibah Muhamad Type of liver function test..type of bilirubin..causes of increase direct bilirubin..causes of hypoalbuminemia..level of tsh t3 n t4 in subclinical hypothyroidism

Adina Wati Mohamad Shukor causes increase of direct n indirect bilirubin,direct n indirect bili solubility,causes of hypercalcemia,regulation of Ca in blood,blood glucose level(fasting,2hrs post prandial,DM),acute n chronic complication of DM

Abdul Rahman Mohamad Shukor eosinophilia (def, normal value), def anemia, normal iron, m m anemia, thalassemia investigation, all (investigation, diagnostic cell)

Wani Kyoo types of jaundice n describe,causes of thrombocytopenia,lab diagnosis leukemia

Mentaqarrub diri kepada Allah,profesional doktor dalam genggaman

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