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latest info on forensic. important!

all about forensic and toxicology for malaysian students (very important )
This Note By: group of communication

content of the note
1. date of the test

2. the marks for each questions

3. decisions of the departemnet

4. deleted parts

5. model of questions , cases , test and the system of the exam .


firstly you shouldn't delay the test coz the time is not enough or coz of the new system
dr\fatma said that the test will be easy coz it is the first time for this new system and the questions will be clear


about the doses dr \ fatma said doses for famous drugs like atropine , Flumazenil,Charcoal,Naloxone .....etc are the most important

---------------------------------------------------- of the test

toxocology : Thursday 21/7

forensic : Tuesday 26/7

and this for sure

2. the marks for each questions

3.picture for all decisions of the depatement
first paper

second paper


4. deleted parts

NB oxalic acid is deleted but phenol is included with us



5 . system of the test

doctors who are going to put the exam are dr/ fatma , dr/ laila , dr/ soaad . and they are all kind doctors

*for downloading the model exam put by the department

if you don't have the program of pdf type file download this program

*examples for test questions dr/fatma said them in previous lecture :

Important (definitions) or (scientific names) :

1- Concussion
2- Compression
3- Rape
4- Medical secrecy
5- Negligence
6- Smothering
7- Cadaveric spasm
8- Fissure fracture
9- apparent death
10- chelators (toxicology)
11- acute toxicity
12- chronic toxicity
13- subacute toxicity
14- competitors
15- tolerance
16- inactivators
17- chelators
18- narcotics
19- hanging
20- rigor mortis
21- ring fracture
22- beside any mentioned syndrome in toxo


1- MLI of 18 age
2- Mechanism of death in Hanging
3- MLI of Rigor mortis
4- Condition necessary for cadaveric spasm
5- Factors affecting putrefaction
6- Causes of death from wounds
7- Causative instruments of skull fracture
8- Common sites of fracture base skull
9- Complication or sequelae of head injury
10- Causes of hyoid fracture
11- Characters of firearm injury
12- Conditions consent of rape legal
13- Metallic poisoning characters (toxicology)
14- agents eliminated by haemodialysis
15 -agents responsive to activated charcoal
16- agents not adsorbable by activted charcoa
17- agents adsorbable by MDAC
18- methods of elimination
19- normal level of lead in adult and child
20- lines of ttt of convulsions

Short notes:

1- MLI of teeth
2- MLI of DNA
3- MLI of 16,18 ages
4- Abrasion types
5- Symptoms of brain concussion
6- Lucid interval
7- Clinical picture of brain compression
8- Contact firearm injury
9- External signs of asphyxia
10- Causes of death in drowning other than asphyxia
11- MLA of diagnosis pregnancy
12- complication of criminal abortion
13- Conditions consent is invalid
14- conditons of permissible secrecy (privileged communications)


1- factors affecting severity of poison related to poison
2- supporting of patient
3- specific antidote of cyanide
4- chronic lead poisoning
5- specific drug antidote for lead poisoning
6- specific drug antidote for organophosphorus
7- specific drug antidote for morphine
8- specific drug antidote for datura
9- indication of fat in digitalis poisoning
10- alcoholic coma characters
11- specific drug antidote for acitaminophen
12- specific drug antidote for benzodiazipine

Compare :

1- Strangulation & hanging
2- Inlet & exit in firearm
3- Suicide & homicide cut throat
4- Postmortem & antemortem burns
5- Fimbriated & ruptured hymen
6- All comparisons in the book

Give reason :

1- asphyxia in carbolic acid
2- in case of cyanide nitrite must be given
3- convulsion in cyanide poisoning
4- miosis in organophosphorus
5- fasciculation in organophosphorus
6- slow full pulse in
7- pin point pupil in morphine
8- gastric lavage in morphine
9- sensation of hotness in alcohol
10- methanol dangerous than ethanol
11- methyl salicylate poisoning is the most dangerous type of salicylate
12- charcol not effective in iron ttt
13- children affected by lead more
14- dysferal not given IM in acute iron toxicity
15 -give reasons 4 difference betwwen organophosphates and carbamates

4.example for cases dr/ fatma said them and others by dr/ osama & dr/ adle and other doctors from the depatement

if the file doen't work you are going need this programe

Power Point Viewer
you can download it from this link

4. what are advantages and disadvantage of this new system
*first disadvantage:
you can not exactly know which part is important and other can be neglected coz all can come in the form of def or what ever .
*so just delet official deleted part and study hard



1.when you study you know that definition is important once you study them hard you know that they will come in the test
study hard all tables in the book
2. becarefull when you study you should know headline very well and the small parts .
3. mistake in this test will be from 3 marks not as ophthalmology for example it was 12.5 marks .
4 coz it is the first time for this new system the test will be easy and clear
5. the duration of the test is very enough coz the questions is very small.
6. this system will leave no space for the doctor to give more or less marks coz the answer is just one line not big paragraph.
7. if you understand the subject very good you can get the answer easily

as for cases this some key words written by our college dr/Mohamed Elmeligy D?bl??d?
wrist drop=lead

cast=carbolic acid

smoke inhalation=carbon monoxide


cardiac complication =digitalis

diarrhea 1st black then bloody=iron

insectcide + fasiculations = anticholienstraise e.g organophosphate or carbamate

history or eplipsy + bullae on the dorsun of the hand = barbiturate

vomitting + cardiac arrythmia = digitalis

charactrisitic odour + pneumonia = hydrocarbne

empty syringes + comatosed + consitricted pupil = opium

analgesic + vomitting + jaundice = paracetamol

thrombo embolic diseses = warfaring

factory of battries = lead

charactristic odeur + dialted pupil + red coulor skin = cyanide

vomitting and abdmoinal pain + herbicide + elevated serun amylase = paraquet

disinfectant fluid + scanty dark urine + charactristic odeur = phenol leathry

headache , chest pain , neddle mark in his arm = sympathomimetics mostly coccaine

factory of medical instruments , salivation with abnormal movemnts = mercury

blurring of vision , dysphagia and chocking , salted fish = boutulism or acute food poising

abnormal movements , hallucinations , confused , skin fluched and dry = anticholenrgic syndrome = datura = atropin

convulsion , with arched back and cyanosis followed by complete relaxation lastly exhausted = strychnine

thanks for every one parcipate in this note and wish you all good luck
-dahsyatkan potensi dirimu, raih prestasi luar biasa-

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