Tuesday, June 21, 2011

target soalan oral commed 2011~

child program
indoor air pollution
risk factor of cancer

risk factor & prevention of type 2 DM
viral arthropode borne disease

def of carrier &its importance&disease has all types of carriers(typhoid) &diseses that dont have carriers
when you travel to SUDAN which vaccine should you take (yellow fever .meningeococcal)&specific prevention of each of them &for malaria
egypt &yellow fever
major 3 risk factors for coronary h ds
common defficiency in child bearing period (iron deficiency anaemia&its causes )
major environmental problems in egypt
def of occupational health &its importance for doctors
def of PHC &the meaning of community participation

bacterial contact diseases (anthrax ,tetanus) s2ltny f anthrax
cassion dse
chain of infection enumerate bs
8ways to reduce cancer f nutrition

dr nabil juzeif
1-levels of prevention..طبق دا علي مرضcomm or non commودا سؤال زميلتي اللي معايا وانا قاللي طبقيه علي cancer
2-caisson dse
3- raynauds dse& its prevention
4-diff() elimination eradication&control...then explain control
7-water..sources of pollution
8-causes of water pollutio
9- international measu

reservoir of infection
و tuberculin test
وال effects of high temperature
وال post exposure prophylaxis of rabie

evaluation of health services
bact droplet dse
prevention of meningitis

reservoir of infection
viral contavt dses
...coronary heart dses
health facilities providing phc
physical occupational dses
feeding of geriatric

pattern of occurence of dse
feeding og pregnant
geriatric problem
biological hazard
air pollution types
1ry prevention of cancer

nternational measures for traveller
cancer risk factors
common child illness in egypt
global environmental problems
viral food & water borne diseases

pneumoconiosis ( def .
complication )
def of mesothelima
effect of expousure to high pressure
def of survey
schistsoma survey
...prevention and cotrol of schistsoma
risk factor of type 1 DM
type 2 DM
coronary heart disease

p/s: sumber dari fb budak-budak arab. de yg berulang. masing-masing screen sendiri ok. credit to hanif mahamud..

-dahsyatkan potensi dirimu, raih prestasi luar biasa-

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