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Two papers >>

**the 1st ( 75 marks ) includes the following topics:
General Epidemiology
Special Epidemiology of Communicable diseases
Special Epidemiology of Non Communicable diseases

**the 2nd ( 75 marks ) includes the following :
Health of Elderly
School Health
Child Health Care
Family Planning + Evaluation of MCH services
Health Systems & Services in Egypt

the marks are distributed as follow :
- the 1st paper
General Epidemiology :
long question or 2 short question ( 7-10 marks)
Special Epidemiology of Communicable diseases (30 - 35 marks) as the following :
Droplet Infections : 1 Question
Food Borne Diseases : 1 Question
Contact Infections : 1 Question
Arthropod Borne Diseases : No Questions or 1 Question

* the previous question will be in the following form : 

Special Epidemiology of a famous disease which is one of the following:
T.B, Poliomyelitis, MMR, DPT, Hepatitis B, Meningitis & Influenza

* the answers to these question should include the following items :
Introduction, Public health significance & occurrence, Causative agent, Reservoir, Mode of Transmission, Incubation Period, Period of Communicability, Susceptibility & Immunity

Public Health Significance & Occurrence of a disease

Prevention & Control of a disease

Specific Prevention of a disease

# Nutrition ( 2 or 3 questions )

Non Communicable Diseases ( 2 questions ) 

** NB : Nutrition + Non Communicable Diseases = 30-35 marks 
the 2nd paper ::

Occupational + Environmental ( 25 - 30 marks )

#one question for the rest of the topics in the 2nd paper (10-15 marks )

1-Emerging & Re-emerging Diseases is included with us ( not cancelled )
2- Psychological Hazards: ( not cancelled & it's only a single-paper topic )
3- Family Planning & Evaluation of MCH Services : very important********
4- Malaria Survey + Prevention & Control ( study these items onllyyyyy)
5- Clinical Picture & Complications & Investigations of Special Communicable diseases only ( these items are CANCELLED)
but , Clinical picture in nutrition for example is INCLUDED with us
6- one question in each paper will be in the form of Collections such as these present in chapter "General Epidemiology و and check the questions in this link >>>> 

## ORAL EXAM ## 30 marks 
Dr. Niazy said that he'd make sure all the other doctors ask only certain questions whether internal or External doctors , so that the wont ask in the CANCELLED items ins

-dahsyatkan potensi dirimu, raih prestasi luar biasa-


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