Tuesday, November 9, 2010

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Collections that collected during lecture..if u find anything not compatible with what u wrote or what dr said,just tell me. will not take it personally..sharing is caring.(arrangement is in order of “rojak style) :)
True membrane(3)
-strep pharyngitis
Scarlet fever
Acute tonsillitis
False membrane(5)
Vincent’s angina
Agranulocytosis n acute leukemia
Chronic hyperthrophic tonsillitis ( the inflamation will show the same color with surrounding mucosa).have 5 types.how to differentiate it clinically:
-follicular-red +pus( appear as yellow spot)
-parenchymatous-red + enlarged
-membranous-red membrane( the membrane make the appearance like coalesce together)
Snoring-dt upper supralaryngeal obstruction during sleeping
Stretor-same with snoring but during awake.bcoz theI soft palate closed I airway
Stridor-difficult noisy breathing dt laryngeal cause( ins) n upper trachea n subglotic(exp)
Wheeze_noisy breathing dt lower airway obstruction(exp) eg bronchi,bronchiolect
Angiofibroma; characteristic-recurrent severe epistaxis
-exclusive in male,if female get this dse,check the chromosom
-teen agers dse
-origin at the sphenopalatine foramen n get bl supply from
maxillary a.
Pulsating ear discharge:
Extradural abcess
Pulsating tumor in ME
Small or high perforation(pus under tension n in adequate drainage)
Acute OM on top of chronic OM
False –ve fistula test(it is false bcoz the fistula is actually there but it is negative when we do the test).the patient will not have nystagmus..subtopic otitic labyrinthis.
Dead labyrinth
Very small fistula
Massive cholesteatoma( closing the fistula)
Obstructed EAC by wax
Vertigo without SNHL
Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo(BPPV)
Vestibular neuritis
SNHL without vertigo
Congenital vertigo(vertigo not develop untLi after the 1st year of life)
Senile detoriation(presbycusis)
Cochlear toxic drug
Noise trauma(juz effect the cochlea,the vestibular is preserve)
**short note about SNHL
Sudden SNHL loss associated with viral or vascular origin can be treat medically.
Little patient with SNHL can become normal again by medical treatment.There is no surgical correction of SNHL ,just rehabilitation.SNHL only rehabilitated by hearing aid(HA) eg:cochlear implant.
Attention! This 2 items depend only the clinical picture of the dse.there is no test or radiological evaluation for this 2 dse:
1Patient experience vertigo for seconds on specific condition. -BPPV
2) Vertigo last for days/weeks.not related to head position but vertigo will increase with the increased of head movement-à vestibular neuritis
Bell’s phenomena
Rolling up of the globe to be protected by the upper lid(in case of facial nerve paralysia)
-dahsyatkan potensi dirimu raih prestasi luar biasa-

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