Friday, May 7, 2010

Pharmacology from Dr. Mutaal

Topics will not come in the written exam:

General Pharmacology:
Adverse drug reactions.
Principles of drug interactions.

N.B. adverse drug reactions or drug interactions present for individual drugs present throughout the book are NOT deleted.

Neuromuscular blockers
Ganglion blockers
Ganglion stimulants.

Eye: the whole chapter

Osmotic diuretics.

Treatment of shock.

Drug treatment of cholelithiasis (gall stones)

Pharmacology of oxygen & carbon dioxide.

Chemical transmitters in the CNS
CNS stimulants
Sk ms relaxants
Anesthesia (general & local)

Hypothalamic & pituitary hormones (ant & post).

Restoratives (blood, plasma, fluids).
Treatment of hyperlipidemia

Antiviral drugs
Antiparasitic drugs
Cancer chemotherapy
Drugs that stimulate the immune system
Drugs that inhibit the immune system

Additional topics:
Physiology in the beginning of each topic (e.g. physiology of arrhythmia).

N.B. this is not applied for topics of clinical cases e.g. hypertension, heart failure, angina, etc… all is important.

Structure of the exam:

1st paper:
Value: 75 marks
Chapters: General, ANS, Renal, CVS, Autacoids, GIT, Blood.

2nd paper:
Value: 75 marks
Chapters: Respiratory, CNS, Endocrine, Chemotherapy

Each paper will include:
One long (essay) question (15 marks).
One question including (a) & (b), (7.5 marks for each).
A number of short questions (3-5 marks for each).

3rd paper:
Clinical cases: 5 clinical cases (10 marks each).

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