Friday, February 26, 2010

perkongsian attachment

Oncology department

6/2 – morning round ( tingkat 7 & 10)

· Post cricoid carcinoma

· Cancer blood

· Cancer of bladder

· Ovarian carcinoma

· Breast cancer

· Soft tissue carcinoma

· Breast cancer ( for diagnosis use x-tray mammograph )

If breast cancer on the right, we have examine on the left 1st.

-this patient not only get breast cancer also she get


Clubbing fingers

Harsh voice

High arch of palate

Protrusion of mandible

And diabetes, due to disturbance of growht hormone.

· Caecal carcinoma

· Cervical lymph adenopathy

· Neurofibroma

7/2 – operation room

Cancer of uterus

· Cancer of uterus. Remove uterus and one ovary, but remain other ovary for hormones.

· Pan hysterectomy = TAH & BSO

Yang menarik kes ni bila doctor ajar tentang”water under Bridge”

· Cervical lymph node

· Chronic breast abcess

· Intermuscular lipoma

Waktu kes ni, doctor tanya, what else another site of lipoma? Cuba korg jawab (^_^)

· Post operative nodule @ local recurrent

Nephrology department

13/2 – stone clinic

· Stone right upper calyx

· Stone lower calyx

Waktu ni doktor ajar macam mana nak measure size stone. If <>

But if > 15 mm – surgery

If between 8mm – 15mm use Extra corporeal shock wave lithotripsy. Litho = stone.

Stone may calcium, or uric crytals.

Types of calcium

· Ca oxalate monohydrate

· Ca oxalate dihydrate

· Ca phosphate

· Ca carbonate

14/2 – pediatric OR

· Penoscrotal Hpospadias – baby umur 1 thn

· Undescend Testis ( cryptochidism ) – baby umur 1 thn

· Granular Hpospadias – umur 7 thn

· Distal penile Hypospadias – umur 17 thn

15/2 Operation Room

· 1st room – endoscopy

- transurethral electro-resection of the prostate (TURP)

- yg paling best percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL)

· 2nd room – donor

3rd room - recepient

- transplantation from donor to recipient

· 4th room – cancer

- cancer of bladder dt HCV +ve.

Partial nephroctomy (wilm’s tumor)

16/2 – Dialysis

By doctor Hanzada El Maghrabi. Doctor cerita ttg dialysis machine dan perkenalkan semua patient2 .

Name: subuh , 42 years old

CRF on CHD Graft failure, subtotal parathyroidectomy, decompansated liver disease ‘ascites’

name:  fauziah, 77 years old.

CRF on CHD,IHD,perforated DU,IHD calcified,lf hip replacement, tertiary hyperparathyroidism. Comel sgt makcik ni, dia suka sangat mkn kopok chipsy. tp nampak sgt kebosanan dan kesakitan yg dia alami.

Dan banyak lagi, tp malas nak tulis. Hehe. mintak maaf sebab bahasa inggeris + bahasa melayu. maaf lagi sekali.

-ilmu didahulukan,pencapaian diutamakan-

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